Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle For Fall

 2020 Honda Civic

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle For Fall

October means colder weather is not far away. It’s the time to prepare your most precious possession for fall and winter. Temperatures will slowly start falling — something that can negatively impact your vehicle. So here are a few tips to follow to brace your car for the season:

1. Inspect the hoses and belts
First and foremost, you should look for leaks, cracks, and wears in the hoses and belts. You will have to make sure that these components don’t show any signs of fraying, splitting, or glazing. If you catch hold of any issues with these components get in touch with your local mechanic at the earliest.

2. Check the wheels and tires
Your tires are regularly exposed to harsh conditions. So you must inspect their tread, inflation, and overall health. You will have to maintain adequate pressure since cold weather conditions cause them to lose air quickly. If you live in a location where it snows heavily, consider equipping your car with snow tires.

3. Check all fluids
You might have to replace your vehicle’s fluids, including windshield washer fluids, brake fluids, coolant, transmission fluids, and power steering fluids. Maintaining proper levels ensures that your car runs smoothly. The washer fluid maintains visibility, the transmission fluid is crucial for cooling, the brake fluid acts as a lubricant, the coolant keeps the engine cool, and the power steering fluid is vital for running the car.

4. Test your heater
A heater is a must after fall sets in since temperatures start to plummet after that. So you should test your car’s heater before it gets colder. In case you find any issues with it, get in touch with a mechanic. This will make your winters more comfortable. Also, ensure that your car's defroster is working properly.

5. Check the Battery.
Lastly, you need to check the battery for signs of corrosion and changeability. If required, take your vehicle to a local technician for a thorough diagnosis. Cold temperatures affect the functionality of the battery and make it difficult to start the car. So make sure you get it checked before freezing temperatures set in.

Source: Honda