How To Protect Your Car In A Hurricane


How To Protect Your Car In A Hurricane

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, then it's a good idea to know what you have to do to protect your valuable belongings during a storm. People often forget about car safety and protection when a hurricane hits only to realize their mistake later when the damage is already done. While there is no guarantee that your car will be unaffected and untouched during a hurricane, here is a list of all you can do to provide your car protection during a storm.

Gather all your car documents and keep them safe
It's always best to prepare yourself for anything. So in case your car gets damaged in the hurricane, make sure to gather all documentation beforehand so you can claim insurance. This includes registration, service records, insurance, owner's manual, etc. Apart from insurance purposes, gathering your car's documents and keeping them safe is probably the most sensible thing to do.

Take before and after pictures of your car
The next tip is to take clear pictures of your vehicle from different angles before and after the hurricane. This will come in handy when you have to claim hurricane insurance in Goldsboro, NC. You now have evidence that the damage (if any) was not there before the catastrophic occurrence.

Park in a garage or somewhere safe
Before the storm hits, park your car inside your garage or any other space that is indoors so that it has maximum protection. If parked outside, water can damage the inner mechanisms, while strong winds can shatter the glass. In addition, flying or falling objects like tree branches can create scrapes, dents, and other kinds of harm. Even if you don't have indoor parking, make sure that you don't park under a tree or a pole or anything that can fall over.

Make sure your tank is full
Before the hurricane hits, make sure that your car is all fuelled up. This allows you to go somewhere safe or go wherever you need to go to after the storm. You can enjoy a well-deserved peace of mind knowing that your tank is full and you can be where you want to be once the storm clears.